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MC Marley and Gatinha have been going viral across Brazil after being found in a compromising situation. The video has grabbed the attention of the public at large.

Full Name E Gatinha
Profession Singer
Country Brazil
Residence Sao paulo

MC Marley E Gatinha Original

This post will allow you to learn about MC Marley E Gatinha Original, which has been a hot topic of discussion on the internet.

Brazilian singers MC Marley and E Gatinha ignited the fire on the internet after the release of a video in which both of them were seen in an intimate position. 

E Gatinha, also known as Kauana, is a famous singer from Brazil. Earlier, she was a dancer, and people recognized her for her proactive performance. 

Her bold persona also attracts individuals to watch her performances. Even Gatinha performed in the nightclub. Later, she transitioned to music. 

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She hails from Sao Paulo and received recognition from the people as a nightclub dancer. Later, she also did well in music.

MC Marley is also a famous singer and songwriter from Brazil. He has gained fame for doing an excellent job in hip-hop and funk elements.

MC Marley was born in Rio de Janeiro and worked hard in the field of music. He built his reputation through his lyrics, which addressed the theme of violence. 

Video Gatinha E MC Marley

Recently, a video featuring Gatinha and MC Marley has created a storm on the internet. The video featured both the singers in an intimate position.

Many fans have criticized them after watching the video. They have made comments on the video. They were never expecting such an act from such two reputed singers. 

Both the singers, including Gatinha E and MC Marley, are claiming that the video was created without their consent. They came to know it only after it became viral on various social media platforms, including Twitter.

Although they were not involved in disseminating the video, it got leaked and became viral immediately. The incident baffled both the singers after MC Marley E Gatinha Original had circulated.

Many people have given different opinions regarding the video. Some of them accepted their acts as freedom of the artists. Some other people were opposed to the acts. 

Many questions have been raised regarding the impact of the video on both the singers. One such question is regarding the career of the singers, as many people have labelled the video as inappropriate.

Although many celebrities have faced much controversy in the past, people still question the impact of the video.

Gatinha E Marley Twitter

The video went viral on Twitter, and many people are still searching for it. People are giving their opinions by commenting on the video.

Many of the fans have asked the social media platform to remove the video as it will have a harmful impact on society. 

The video should not reach the children. Otherwise, they will gain the inappropriate learning. Some people are asking parents to be aware of their children while using mobile phones.

The video has raised concerns regarding the ethical responsibility of people to use social media in a better way.

The video has compelled people to be involved in important conversations regarding the video. People are asking various questions related to the video. However, there is no information regarding the person who leaked the video.

People are showing interest in learning more about the video so that they can collect further information.


MC Marley and E Gatinha have been important topics of discussion since the video went viral. People are discussing them and trying to know about the MC Marley E Gatinha Original video in detail. Click here

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