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What is Readtrustedreviews.com?

Readtrustedreviews.com is strictly focused on news articles, product, and website reviews. We welcome the creative brains and authors who can create original and relevant content for us. Visiting the website will help you understand the different niche topics we publish and the subject matters for news, products, and website reviews.

Our guest post community accepts multiple guest posts on different niches, including health, beauty, fashion, education, technology, crypto, money, finance, etc. Write For Us General topics and get massive business exposure quickly.

Our leading review platform offers the best Guest Post or Sponsor post service. We have mentioned Guest Post Contributor guidelines in detail to know how to write a guest post according to guidelines.

Different Type of Articles on Our Site

At readtrustedreviews, you can read genuine reviews of different online websites and products. In addition to this, you can get a chance to read the latest news, events, happenings information, latest news about online scams, and various topics that can incrase your knowledge.

Website Review Articles: If you love online shopping, you must read about online scams and various website reviews. On our portal, we post authentic information about online websites that helps in making a perfect buying decision.

Our excellent writers list legitimacy checkpoints and then conclude the result regarding the scam and legit sites.

So, write for us blog now and gain more business exposure.

Product Review Articles: The name of this category shows that you will read about product reviews here.

We offer correct information regarding the legitimacy of a product based on its information, description, genuine customer reviews, social media presence, product availability on other legit portals, and official site information factor.

If you want to contribute content to our site, you can also write a guest post for a product review.

News Articles: This category contains the latest news, topics, events, online scam site information, gaming blogs, and technology blogs.

Our motive is to educate our valuable readers regarding online scam sites and check the legitimacy of a website.

Readtrustedreviews.com looks for authors with rich skills to research and come forth with engaging, exciting, and informational Write for Us General content on different niches.

We want writers who can draft content for the following subject matters: technology, business, health, sports, education, travel, marketing, blog, and even guest post.  So, please check the piece before you Submit Guest Post.     

What is Expected from the Write-Up?

These are some of the Guest Contributor Guidelines that writers have to follow while writing.

  • The content created must be grammatically error-free, and it must be plagiarism-free.
  • The content must be created using the latest SEO guidelines.
  • The writers have to ensure submitting unique topics that is not published on any other website or portals.
  • It must contain catchy titles, headings, and sub-headings for optimized readability.
  • There must be bullet points for pros & cons, specifications, customer reviews, and legitimacy evaluation.
  • The word count of the content must be 1000+ words, and it must be free from passive voice.
  • The content must be captivating, engaging, and informational.
  • No repetitive content or sentences are accepted.
  • The spam score of added links should be between 1-3; we do not accept links with a high spam score.
  • Writers have to understand that it may take some time to get their articles and news published because the write-up undergoes rigorous checking and reviewing to ensure it is created in adherence to SEO guidelines.

All approved articles and reviews will be published, and after the contribution payments are received in different modes for guest posts and blogs. But, approval from the QC team is needed.

Why Write for Readtrustedreviews?

If you write for readtrustedreviews, then you can get-

  • Outstanding business exposure
  • The high SEO value of your site
  • Target more audience
  • Increase the online visibility of your business and gain popularity
  • Authentic information regarding online sites

How to Submit Guest Post?

If you are interested in sharing your writing skills and create content for us, ensure to visit the Productivity Write for Us page to find all the details and guidelines to create content.   

Writers can also reach the content writing team via email, and the email support is available 24/7 at info@readtrustedreviews.com.

Send your article for review first. Then, we will send it to the content editor team and get approval for publication. If your guest post is relevant and informative, we will post it on our website and share the live link with you.


Hopefully, writers and authors interested to the Write for Us Blog have understood the guidelines and the points we expect from content writers.

It is necessary to understand the guidelines to write for us along with the payment terms for the approved content contribution. For any help or assistance, guest post contributors must approach the team at the email support.