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The article deeply explains the emergence of Straykidsworldtour Com and also sheds more light on the Stray Kids World Tour 2024 in an exclusive manner.

Are you a person who loves to hear lots of K-pop songs? Then, do you love to hear Stray Kids gang pop songs as well?

If yes, good news is waiting for you in this article because the Straykids pop group is planning a world tour. Recently, they opened the Straykidsworldtour com website so that their fans could register their country with Stray Kids officials. That website is going viral worldwide.

So, in this article, we will learn interesting facts and information about that website, along with details on the World Tour 2024 version.

Details on Straykidsworldtour com

Stray Kids is a trendy K-pop band in the South Korean region. It is a group of eight singers who started their singing journey on a reality show and made their debut as a pop band in 2018. 

Currently, they have become the top K-pop band and have gathered millions of followers. Even this year, they have the prestigious chance to make their appearance at the Met Gala 2024 event.

In order to meet their global fans, Stray Kids officials have planned a musical world tour and created a website for it. The website requires fans to sign up for their country so that Stray Kids can visit their country for the musical performance.

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The viral Stray Kids World Tour 2024

Stray Kids pop singers have decided to start their world tour, but detailed information about the time and venue has yet to be available in the news media. They have created a website for their fans to sign up on.

They mentioned all the countries on that website, but it is not possible to visit all the countries across the globe. So, there may be a chance that the K-pop singers will give priority to the countries that signed up for more entries.

Thus, the more entries, the higher the chance of Stray Kids pop stars performing in that respective country.

Legitimacy checks of Straykidsworldtour.con

The website layout and details look simple, and they provided no information other than the sign-up options.

However, the Stray Kids team alone copyrighted the website. Even then, it is good practice to know about the website because they ask for essential details like name, email address, etc.

  • Domain created on May 9, 2024
  • The domain expires on May 9, 2026.
  • Age of domain: only 5 days
  • Trust score: 5.6/100; since the website was created only a few days ago, its trust score could be higher.
  • Detection of the HTTPS protocol: the website possesses that data security protocol.
  • Blocklisted status: Straykidsworldtour.con is not listed as a threat website.

Analysis of the website

The Straykidsworldtour com website needs to be analysed further to know its true face.


  • They have mentioned the owner of the website, and this website is entirely copyrighted by Stray Kids Group alone, thus adding more credibility to the site.
  • Only people aged over 14 can sign up for the world tour site, and they have made an exclusive option for that, so its also denotes the authentic nature of the site.


  • Details about the world tour, like dates and venues, are missing from the website.
  • The purpose behind the creation of this website and the course of it should be adequately explained.


Thus, we have completely analysed It is getting more viral on the Reddit platform, and many Reddit users have expressed their interest in signing up for the website. Thus, it shows that the website is legit and was solely created for the fans of the Straykids pop group. So, it’s time to witness the world tour of these K-pop stars. click here

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