Chef Kunal Kapoor Wife: Complete Information On Kapoor Family!

Latest News Chef Kunal Kapoor Wife

Chef Kunal Kapoor Wife

The article highlights the information about Chef Kunal Kapoor Wife and his Family and the latest news of his divorce.

Chef Kunal Kapoor, a well-known celebrity chef, was granted divorce by the Delhi High Court on Tuesday for cruelty by his wife. The news shocked people worldwide as no prior information related to the spat between the couple. 

Chef Kunal Kapoor was seen as a judge in MasterChef India. As per sources, Kunal Kapoor headed for a divorce with his wife as she disrespected his family and humiliated them. At first, the divorce was not granted, but on prior knowledge about his wife’s behavior, the court granted them divorce.

The court said that a lack of empathy towards each other and the formation of this respect among the couple makes it impossible for people to continue the sanctity of a marriage. Hence, the court agreed to the divorce. 

Chef Kunal Kapoor Wife

As per sources, Ekta Kapoor is the wife of The chef Kunal Kapoor. As per sources, She accused him of putting her in a negative LimeLight and of all the false accusations he had made against her. She said she never disrespected him or his family and has been a loyal wife.

Further, in her defense, she said he made up several stories as he was keen on separating from her. There were also accusations of him not earning enough money.

The court said that within two years of their marriage, chef Kunal Kapoor was a well-known celebrity chef who showed his passion and hard work towards his work. 

About Chef Kunal Kapoor Wife
About Chef Kunal Kapoor Wife

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Chef Kunal Kapoor Family

We do not know much about his family details, and the names of his parents are not revealed yet. All we know is that the chef is headed for a divorce due to the utmost disrespect towards his family. 

Chef Kunal Kapoor is a Michelin Star chef known for his hard work and passion in the food business. He has a YouTube channel where he posts videos of Indian and international recipes. 

He is among the most loved chefs in all Indian families, and people follow his recipes. He showed his interest in cooking from a very early age, and he pursued his career and became one of the most famous chefs in India. 

Chef Kunal Kapoor Divorce 

Chef Kunal Kapoor’s divorce shocked all his fans, as no one knew of his situation and the ongoing lawsuit against his wife. However, the court has granted divorce, and his wife is charged with disrespect and humiliation.

The news of his divorce was confirmed on Tuesday, 2 April 2024. Only a few details are given about his family, and his Instagram account handle also does not reveal much of his personal information. 

Suresh Kumar Kait and Neena Bansal were the bench of justice present where they mentioned that his wife had made false accusations of infidelity and extramarital affair with the chef. 

However, she failed to prove the point or any instance where chef Kunal Kapoor was disloyal towards his wife. She also made accusations of him sending flirty text messages to his fans. 

Chef Kunal Kapoor Divorce
Chef Kunal Kapoor Divorce

Chef Kunal Kapoor Biography

Chef Kunal Kapoor was born on 18 September 1979 in a Punjabi family. He was born in New Delhi and completed his education at Saint Francis de Sales School. He showed his liking for food since he was very young.

He trains underprivileged people in the cooking industry and helps them make and create their own food business. He began his career with the Taj Group. 

Chef Kunal Kapoor is one of the most renowned chefs in India and other countries, and people acknowledge him for his hard work and passion. People who wish to know more about his career and early life can visit online platforms and his handle. 

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