Esenyurt Tekel Bayi Telegram: Check What Is In The Esenyurt Tekel Bayi Video, Find Complete Information On Esenyurt Tekel BaskıNı Twitter

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The article on Esenyurt Tekel Bayi Telegram has explained all the incident details.

Do you are unmistakable the Esenyurt battle? What occurred at the Esenyurt’s Association battle? What was the side interest for the new battle? Did somebody crash and burn in the Esenyurt battle? To be have a ton of familiarity with Esenyurt Tekel Bayi Telegram, read here. Individuals from the Türkiye need to know the subtleties of the association battle that occurred in their country that killed a few group. Plan to understand the encounters concerning news from Turkey here.

What Occurred at Esenyurt Close by region?

In the Guzelyurt region in Esenyurt, another assault including a Tekel dealer occurred. Four furnished men started the assault, and properly, 2 men were killed, and 1 got injured cruelly. The assault video has been spinning around on Message and other electronic entertainment applications. According to police, three suspects have been gotten by them.

Disclaimer: All subtleties taken from online sources. We are not unequivocally charging anybody.

Explanation for Esenyurt Tekel Bayi BaskıNı Izle

As demonstrated by the reports, the assault occurred considering responsibility segment among the two families. Right when the family couldn’t reimburse the responsibility, the leasers made a certified move against them. They progressed toward the court and started real execution. Beginning there forward, the Erzen family began a WhatsApp forward plan against the banks.

After the message spread through internet based redirection, the Shooters showed up at the staggering strategy vendor’s store and stirred up some buildup. In the battle, 2 individuals, Yunus Erzen and Batuhan Bayindir, passed on. Likewise, the CCTV film from the battle has surfaced, and eventually Esenyurt Tekel BaskıNı Twitter is traveling through electronic entertainment.

Foundation Rundown

Precisely when the gunned men showed up at the Controlling system store, they called the Erzen family and urged them to call their dad considering the way that the WhatsApp forward message broke down the circumstances. Soon the store was changed into a dispute field, and the battle turned out to be unsafe.

Police are investigating the matter for a goliath degree to guarantee that no last nuances of the case are left. The utilization of weapons and the powers of the suspects were recorded on the camera. It made the police’s work genuinely essential. They have kept the basic suspect Murat Ozer.


Esenyurt Tekel Bayi Telegram Video, the stunning moving news where 2 individuals have passed on in a Battle in Turkey, is sorted out in the article. The battle between the two families launch because of the responsibility segment. Right when the leasers made a lawful move against the obliged individual family, they spread toxic news on WhatsApp and gore. In the event that you wish to know more, click here.

Have you watched the Esenyurt video? Liberally watch it here and let us in on your points of view about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Esenyurt?

A1. It is a classified locale in Turkey’s Istanbul space.

Q2. What occurred in Esenyurt?

A2. A battle between two families delivered thinking about responsibility reimbursement.

Q3. Who passed on in the battle?

A3. 2 individuals named; Yunus Erzen and Batuhan Bayindir lost their lives.

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