Killaboi Killed Girlfriend: Check Details On Killaboi Confesses To Killing His Girlfriend

Latest News Killaboi Killed Girlfriend

This article exposed Killaboi Killed Girlfriend and more about Killaboi’s post and his arrest.

Who is Killaboi? What has been the deal with Killaboi? Killaboi, the Nigerian punter, has marked a critical disrupting impact online after he responsively admits to killing his darling. The Virtual amusement post uncovered reality in the US and various countries. Examine the Killaboi Killed Girlfriend article for additional unequivocal information about her end.

Killaboi Darling’s Justification for Death

As indicated by sources, Killaboi, a Hotshot punter, has owned up to infiltrating his darling, Augusta Osedion, to death. Killaboi, A Nigerian punter, has perceived his darling to defeat over a battle. News reports say that the Killaboi are known as Killaverse. He killed his darling, Augusta Osedion, and it is recognized through electronic amusement.

As indicated by sources, Killaboi was caught following two years for his web stunt by the EFCC – Financial and Money related Bad behaviors Commission. Nigerian guideline execution office that examines money related bad behaviors. It consolidates repayment early distortion and illegal tax avoidance.

Killaboi Owns up To Killing His Darling

By means of virtual diversion, news stages see that Killaboi’s soul mate Augusta was purportedly missing for several days. It was avowed when Augusta’s mother visited her home in Oral Space. Augusta lived in Oral Space, Lagos state’s Ikota locale at, Nigeria’s business city.

The substance in this article is for the peruser’s instructive explanation figuratively speaking. We advance no unlawful substance or associations. Killaboi, Augusta’s darling, the Nigerian Punter, has owned up to penetrating her to death over a conflict. Continue to scrutinize to look into Killaboi Killed Darling.

Nigerian punter Catch

EFCC caught the Nigerian punter, Killaboi following, two years for web blackmail. He made a shocking exposure by means of electronic diversion and admitted to the killing of his darling. The rascal who imparted mourn about the corruption of his life at 26. He posted a movement of Instastory and made a shocking exposure that he unscrupulously killed his darling in a warmed dispute. Regardless, Killaboi perceived that he flew in the clear resulting to killing her significant other. In Killaboi’s posts, the Instagram kid truly promised to need to manage the harms for his exercises.

Killaboi Killed Darling case nuances

Killobai perpetually posted on Instagram that he revealed, and he flew out of fear right after swearing the terrible exhibit of killing Augusta, his dear. In his shocking disclosure, Killaboi uncovered that he mistakenly cut Augusta, his darling, during a dispute between the two.

He similarly posted on Instagram a sincere assurance to need to manage the harms for his exercises. Not completely settled to avow that his soul mate gets trustworthiness. Likewise, can’t live with the at authentic problem for his movement.

Online Amusement Associations


We concludeon article Killaboi Killed Darling. Killaboi, the notable Nigerian punter, has been caught for killing his darling following two years by EFCC. Click the association for more understanding concerning the Nigerian punter Catch and that is just a glimpse of something larger. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is Killaboi?

Nigerian punter

  1. Who is Killaboi’s darling?

Augusta Osedion

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