Patrick Gottsch Family: The Founder of Rurak Media Group dies at 70

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The Patrick Gottsch Family details about Patrick Gottsch Cowboy Channel and Patrick Gottsch Age. Follow our article to know more.  

Patrick Gottsch, the founder of Rural Media Group has been trending on online platforms after the news about his demise becomes viral on online platforms. Patrick is well known for launching “The Cowboy Channel.” The news of his demise has become viral in the United States and Canada.  

In October 2017, Patrick was married to Angie. The couple has a daughter together naming Rose. Patrick has three children including Raquel, Gatsby and Rose. According to Patrick Gottsch Family wiki, Gatsby is known to be the General Counsel at Rural Media Group whereas Raquel is the CEO at The Cowboy Channel.

The western industry and the rodeo world mourns on the loss of Patrick Gottsch. He founded the Rural Media Group and the Cowboy Channel. In fact Rural Media Group is the holding company of Patrick Gottsch Cowboy Channel, The Cowgirl Channel, RFD-TV and Rural Radio 147. The headquarter of Cowboy Channel is located in Fort Worth Stockyards in 2017.

The news about the demise of the Patrick Gottsch has been a buzz on online platforms. His contribution to the rodeo will always be remembered. Patrick was known to have passed away unexpectedly. The cause of his demise has not been revealed. He was 70 years old when he passed away.

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Patrick Gottsch Cowboy Channel:

Patrick Gottsch Cowboy Channel

Patrick Gottschm the founder of  “The Rural Media Group” has been the talk of the town. He passed away on 18th May 2024. Patrick was born in Elkhorn, Nebraska. He was raised in the farm and worked in cattle feeding operation of his family at Nebraska. It was at that place where he got to learn about the rural America plays in day to day American lives.

He pursued his education from Sam Houston State university located in Texas. In 1977, he shifted to Chicago and began working there as a commodity broker at the Mercantile Exchange of Chicago. In 1982, he returned to his home place. As per Patrick Gottsch Family wiki, he married to Angie in 2017.

After returning to his home state, he introduced E.T. Installation company. The company basically installs and sells C-band satellites for house. It was in 2017, when he introduced “The Cowboy Channel.” The channel telecasts the western sports and the lifestyle of the western people. The headquarter of the company was located Fort Worth Stockyards.

The web portal of the Cowboy channel confirmed the news on Patrick Gottsch demise. Patrick Gottsch Age was 70 years when he died. The Patrick Gottsch efforts has led rodeo and western industry flourish over the last 10 years.  

Patrick Gottsch Age:

Patrick Gottsch Age

Patrick Gottsch was raised in Elkhorn, Nebraska at the Family’s farm. His efforts made the western industry and the rodeo world grow enormously. He passed away on 18th May 2024. The reason behind his demise has not been revealed. The Patrick Gottsch Family members requests to respect their privacy. Many tributes dedicated to Patrick has been surfacing on online platforms.

Earlier, he made his career into broadcasting. After spending 35+ years in broadcasting covering western sports, farmers, Rural America and Ranchers. Patrick Gottsch Age was presently 70 years.  He introduced “The Cowboy Channel.” The channel was dedicated to western sports. The entire western industry and rodeo world mourns after the news about his demise became viral on online platforms.

The Patrick Gottsch Family mourns on the loss of Patrick Gottsch. To learn more information on Patrick Gottsch career, click on this link. 

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