Singapore Airlines Turbulence Death Reason: Check The Rarest Incident 2024!

Latest News Singapore Airlines Turbulence Death Reason

This post aims to investigate the Singapore Airlines Turbulence Death Reason and if the horror resulted in the death of a British passenger.


  • The London-Singapore airplane encountered turbulence throughout the voyage, causing an emergency landing in Bangkok.
  • The emergency landing reason was a British passenger’s death due to the horror of turbulence during the flying time, shocking people Worldwide who learned about the rare incident.
  • The official statement from the general manager of Bangkok airport mentioned that the Singapore Airlines Turbulence Death Reason was the horror of turbulence.
  • A British male, aged 73, was the passenger who died in the aircraft, causing an emergency landing.

Singapore Airlines Turbulence Death Reason:

Extreme turbulence had a severe incident and Singapore Airlines has verified the deceased person’s identity as Geoff Kitchen, a British passenger.

An airplane was diverted to Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok while it was heading from London. A British passenger died in the aircraft after it experienced severe turbulence, and 71 other passengers were injured. 

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Singapore Airlines Turbulence Death Reason Wiki:

Singapore Airlines Turbulence Death Reason Wiki

Topic of discussion Singapore Airlines Turbulence Death Reason
Flight name Boeing 777-300 ER
Route of the flight London to Singapore
Members in the flight 18 crew members and 211 passengers
Date of departure Monday, May 20, 2024
Departure airport London’s Heathrow Airport
Emergency landing date Tuesday, May 21, 2024
Emergency landing airport Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok
The incident in the aircraft Severe turbulence
Consequences of incident Death of one passenger
Identity of deceased passenger A British male aged 73 years

The official statement from Singapore Airlines indicates that the Flight to Singapore from London, SQ321, departed on Monday, May 20, 2024. Its departing airport was London’s Heathrow Airport. On its way to Singapore, the flight faced extreme turbulence.

Biography, Age, and Parents of British Passenger:

Geoff Kitchen, a 73-year-old British male, suffered a heart attack while flying in an aircraft. Geoff and his wife, who was traveling with them, were reportedly headed to Singapore to begin their six-week vacation.

Biography, Age, and Parents of British Passenger

While the turbulence struck the aircraft, this British is thought to have a heart attack. Although a few more passengers are still critically injured, Geoff Kitchen died after experiencing severe turbulence.

However, Geoff Kitchen’s parents or his family’s additional details are unrevealed online.

Shocking details of Singapore Airlines Turbulence Death Reason:

  • The flight SQ321 was carrying 18 staff members on board.
  • The aircraft from London was diverted to Bangkok due to the severe turbulence incident.
  • The aircraft’s passenger stated that they saw a female having a wound on the top of her head. Another passenger mentioned of hearing a female shouting in pain.
  • The plane landed due to a British passenger’s death on May 21 since he experienced heart attack after turbulence in the flight.
  • Reports of “absolute terror” were shared by passengers on board SQ321, a flight to Singapore from London.
  • Geoff Kitchen died in the aircraft due to extreme turbulence and horror experienced.


On a recent flight to Singapore from London, the aircraft Boeing 777-300 ER reportedly experienced severe turbulence on Monday, causing the demise of one male British passenger. The horrifying incident includes a woman shouting in pain while having a severe wound on her head. click here

However, Singapore Airlines officially declared Geoff Kitchen’s demise during the aircraft’s route, prompting an emergency landing in Bangkok. Get additional updates on Singapore Airlines Turbulence Death Reason here shortly while we gather more facts through official sources. 

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