Spar 40th Anniversary Scam (March) Guided Reviews!

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Spar 40th Anniversary Scam (March) Guided Reviews! >> This article informs you about how internet scams are running and how we can secure ourselves with this type of fraud.

In the internet world where everything you can do online like you can do shopping, you can order food, book hotels, sell your old things online, and do transactions by following a straightforward process. The internet is very fast growing in this modern digital era. 

The internet is beneficial in today’s life. Still, at the same time, it has many cons also because nowadays the internet is using for the scam, doing fraud with people, and many unsocial things happening with the internet. Such a thing happens to an online grocery site, “Spar,” which has many branches in countries like South Africa.

So in this article, we will introduce you to such a scam named Spar 40th Anniversary Scam.

What is Spar?

Spar is founded in Netherland in 1932 by Adriaan van. Now it has become a Dutch multinational franchise. Under Spar, there are more than 13,320 stores in 48 countries. Now we can shop through Spar online also.

Currently, Spar is in the news because of a scam running in the name of Spar. What is fraud? What are its consequences, and how do we get to know about this scam? All these are discussed in this article, so read it to the end.

What is Spar 40th Anniversary Scam?

 There are many popular Spar stores located in various countries like South Africa, India, and Spain.

And Spar online shopping site is becoming more popular day by day taking advantage of this scammers are doing scam namely Spar 40th anniversary celebration. 

What they do is they provide you a fake free spin or gift card written on it is Spar 40th anniversary celebration, and when you collect the gift card, it tells you to share this with your friends, and in this way, when you click the link provided by them, they can steal your personal information. So this is Spar 40th Anniversary scam.

One more thing is happening that a link has been doing the rounds on social media which tells you that “Spark is needed packer if you want to apply to click on the link” when you click on that, they ask you for R250 as application fee. 

But there is nothing such as happening scammers are only making people fool and doing fraud of R250. If you see these types of offers, don’t believe that these are 100% scams. 

How did we know about the Spar 40th Anniversary Scam?

The Spar officially announced that they are not offering any of the jobs or any gift card. They provided detailed information about this scam and their customer care number Facebook page link on their official website.


We are seeing so many scams happening nowadays, and one of the examples is in front of you. While using or surfing the internet, we have to be very careful, and before grabbing these types of offers, we have to check whether it is legit or not because as there are so many scams are running, we can trap them easily.

Here in this article, we get to know about the Spar 40th Anniversary Scam. For any more details, you can check the spar official page, and if this article helps you or if you need any information, please let us know in the comment section.

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