Who is Zeina Khoury’s Husband? Who is Zeina Khoury?

Latest News Who is Zeina Khoury's Husband

Who is Zeina Khoury’s Husband – Investigate the character of Zeina Khoury’s better half and disentangle the captivating persona of Zeina Khoury herself. Dig into their lives, vocations, and associations, acquiring bits of knowledge into the enamoring figures in the background of Dubai Bling Season 2.

Who is Zeina Khoury’s Significant other?

Zeina Khoury’s significant other is Hanna Azzi, highlighted on the unscripted TV drama “Dubai Bling.” Hanna Azzi hails from Lebanon however was brought up in Canada. With a different instructive foundation, he concentrated on in Canada and Switzerland, work in inn the board. Azzi has fabricated an effective profession in the neighborliness area, working at prestigious foundations like Four Seasons, Pools, and Nikki Ocean side in Dubai.

His total assets is a noteworthy $2 million. Hitched to Zeina, who is a Lebanese business visionary and Chief of Good grade Land, they structure a blissful group of four with child Joe and little girl Alexa, exploring their bustling lives in Dubai.

Who is Zeina Khoury?

Zeina Khoury, a conspicuous figure from Dubai Bling Season 2, is a fruitful model, land magnate, and business visionary. Known as the ‘Sovereign of Versace’ for her adoration for the brand, Zeina graduated in Money from Lebanon and facilitated her examinations at the London Business college and Wharton Online School.

At present filling in as the Chief of Good grade Land, she supervises tip top properties, including the D1 Pinnacle and Palazzo Versace. Zeina is likewise engaged with the startup scene with her endeavor, I’m The Organization. Hitched to Hanna Azzi, several has two kids, Alexa and Joey, and stays a focal point of the unscripted TV drama’s theatrics

Zeina Khoury’s Total assets

Zeina Khoury’s total assets, as announced by Way of life Asia, falls inside the scope of USD 310,000 to USD 2.5 million. Most of her abundance is credited to her contribution in the land business. As a fruitful figure in Dubai’s world class property market, Zeina’s monetary standing mirrors her endeavors in the land area.

While the specific figure might shift inside the detailed reach, her huge total assets is a consequence of her business discernment and progress in the land business, adding to the interest encompassing her job in Dubai Bling Season 2.

Hanna Azzi Vocation

Hanna Azzi, a Lebanese local brought up in Canada, sought after his schooling at Immaculata Secondary School in Ottawa and later concentrated on Lodging The board in Switzerland. Subsequent to graduating in 2003, Azzi acquired important involvement with esteemed foundations like the Four Seasons, Pools, Address Downtown Inn in Dubai, and St. Regis in Doha.

At present succeeding in the accommodation area in Dubai, he has been dealing with the Nikki Ocean side retreat, quite the Pearl Jumeirah site beginning around 2018. Azzi underscores the significance of establishing a positive workplace and collaboration, displaying his commitment to the business. His striking profession has added to a total assets surpassing $2 million.

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