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Is Avigd com Scam or Legit Online Website Review

This post will discuss whether Is Avigd com Scam or Legit and how we can return and exchange products from this website.

Are you a mother in search of baby accessories? Do you shop for baby items online? Do you feel safe when purchasing things from online retailers? If so, you should hunt for a truly affordable baby shop where you can get baby necessities at a fair price.

Are you looking for a baby accessories online store in the United States or elsewhere? If you buy something online, you must protect yourself from fraud or frauds. As a result, reading Is Avigd com Scam Legit is recommended if you intend to purchase from the Avigd store.

Specification on Avigd Legitimacy

Here are some details about the Avigd website to help you understand its validity.

  • The website domain was formed on Sunday, February 19th, 2023 at 12:00 am, indicating that it is new.
  • This website has no popularity on Google.
  • This domain is not blacklisted by any search engine.
  • The HTTP protocol is used to secure the website. As a result, your data is secure.
  • The website received a score of 100 out of 100 for Proximity to Suspicious.
  • We have not discovered the domain expiry date.
  • The website has a trust index score of 0%, making it difficult to trust it.
  • We couldn’t find any Avigd com Reviews on Facebook, Twitter, or Google.
  • In terms of threat and phishing, this website received a score of 33 out of 100.
  • This website has a 21% risk of spam.
  • The website received a virus score of 19, which is a low level.

What is the Avid Com website?

Avid is an online retailer of baby accessories. This website offers a wide range of infant and toddler products at cheap costs. Baby knot headbands, multifunctional baby shop beg, baby spoon, blanket, and other items are available on this website. All of these things, however, are reasonably priced.

The pricing listed on the website appears to be unreasonable. As a result, it is critical to conduct additional study on the website. To find out if is a scam or not, read the specifications below.

Further details about Avid Com

  • The URL for the website is
  • Name: The website’s name is not correctly mentioned.
  • Phone Number: The website’s phone number is 442086385417.
  • The website’s address is Meledo Company Limited, 372 Southampton Row, Great London, WC 1B SHJ, United Kingdom.
  • Email is the postal code that is given on the website. You can send your question to [email protected].
  • delivery Fees- Free delivery on all orders over $50.
  • Return Policy: This website offers a 30-day hassle-free return policy.
  • We couldn’t find any information about the product exchange policy.
  • Vigd com We were unable to locate any consumer reviews on the website, Google, or social media platforms.
  • Payment Methods: They accept all major payment methods, including PayPal, credit cards, and wire transfers.
  • Shipping Policy: Your order will be delivered between 10 to 22 working days.
  • Social Media Presence: The website is not required to have a presence on social media platforms.
  • Chat Procedure: You can only contact them via email.

Pros of Avid website

  • They accept all major credit cards.

Cons of Avid website

  • In the absence of a social networking platform, consider domain expiration.
  • The trust index is zero, indicating that it is not suitable for female use.

Customer’s Review on Is Avigd com Scam or Legit.

The customer’s evaluation is critical in understanding the nature of the website. Thus, we thoroughly examined the website, but we were unable to locate the customer’s evaluation. As a result, it is difficult to believe the website’s genuineness.

Many scams occur nowadays; consequently, you must be cautious of credit card scams and frauds. To understand how to protect yourself from popular credit card scams.


Many red flags warn that this website should not be used. It may commit certain scams or frauds; hence, we advise you not to buy anything from this website and to read up on Paypal scam protection guidelines. Products can be purchased from reputable online retailers.

Is Avigd com Scam or Legit- FAQs

Q1. Can I place an order without creating an account on this website?

Ans. Yes, you can order even if you don’t have an account.

Q2. What is the registered address of the company?

The registered firm address is Ans. 11736866.

Q3. Do they ship internationally?

Ans. Yes, they ship internationally.

Q4. What are the products that are being returned?

Ans. We’re not aware of it because it’s not stated on the website.

Q5. Is the address given for returning the merchandise the same?

Ans. No, the address mentioned is not the return address.

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