7 Innovative Video Marketing Trends For 2022

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Video and marketing have become the new bread and butter. The two go well together, have high consumption rates, and everybody loves it. It is a fire-breathing dragon desired by every business that sets the charts ablaze. Video is one of the most consumed forms of content owing to its lucidity and widespread reach. A quality online video editor can rocket-fuel your video marketing strategy.

The marketing domain has immensely flourished since video got into the mix during the ’90s. Whatever be the type, the duo has never failed to extort a significant result from the audience. The success rates blow off the charts, be it short television jingles, TikToks, or even social media stories and shorts.

However, change is constant concerning video marketing trends and patterns. But fret not! We have done the brainstorming and broken it down for you. Up your video marketing game this new year by adopting these innovative trends.

Leveraging Social Media

It is needless to elaborate on the impact of social media in our lives. The presence of brands and their products on social media easily influences consumers. Video marketing content on social networking sites plays a crucial role in facilitating a downward movement of consumers through the purchase funnel. 

The ever-growing number of social media users is predicted to hit 1.5 billion by 2040. A handsome ROI (Return On Investment) is thus promised. With the perfect concoction of creative and engaging video content and ample promotion, your marketing strategy is marvelously seasoned.

Succinct Content

Coming up with video marketing content that is short and crisp is as important as making it innovative. It would be a nightmare to brew top-notch videos that fail to garner the attention of your target audience. To market your brand or product successfully, you must make sure that your content is fully watched by your consumers. Aiming to be concise helps you achieve that end.

Short videos have a great appeal in the busy lives of the 21st century. The proof of this is the proliferating success of TikTok, shorts on YouTube, reels on Instagram, and stories on Facebook. Thus, short and precise video content can benefit your video marketing strategy. 

Augmented Reality

Steer clear of boring content as it will chase your audience away. Opt for unique video subjects, help you interact with your viewer, and makes them want more of your content. There are several ways to create engaging content:

  • Ask Questions!: A simple way to engage with your viewing audience is to ask them relevant questions and pay attention to their feedback in the comments.
  • 360-degree video: VR (Virtual Reality) is sure to drive the audience to your videos. It will not only help you drive significant traffic but will also satisfy them. A satisfied consumer is beneficial for your brand image.
  • E-mail: Delivering your video to the inbox of your consumers is a great way to establish a personalized relationship with your audience. An e-mail list of your target audience comes in handy in this regard. 

Go Live!

One cannot emphasize the need for personalized video marketing content. Picking the live format of the video will help establish a direct connection with your audience. Not only will your audience relate more, but live feedback will help you make changes that will shape up a positive brand image. 

A live video initiates marketing on a more personal level. You can use it to narrate brand stories and drive traffic to your content. It is a ruling trend and is promising enough to avoid extinction in times to come. 

Shop-able Videos

The next best trend that directs traffic to your products and services is to add their link to your marketing video. Consumers fall back on videos online to make purchase decisions. Social media is a superb way to market your products to your audience and encourage purchase decisions by adding a link to your product to the description. 

For example, you can create a product review video with testimonials of satisfied customers and link the product to the video content. Not only is the viewer convinced but also conveniently directed to the product. It also facilities the process of purchase.

  • Format Friendly

Video is a format consumed across devices. Although a major part of the population accesses them on mobile screens, businesses must not ignore their consumption on TV screens and Laptops. In the age of smart televisions, the need to optimize your content throughout devices is a noteworthy consideration. 

With the help of a video editor, you can check format suitability off your list. A video playable across devices will have an augmented audience and great appeal among viewers. It will help you drive traffic to your content and thus amplify your marketing strategy. 

  • SEO

The internet is a go-to place for businesses and end consumers. Incorporating relevant keywords that help you appear in top results on a search engine is inarguably the best way to gather an audience. Creating video content on trending subjects is one way to appear in top results. The use of attractive thumbnails for your videos and premium editing with the help of an online video editor can help you increase your CTR (Click Through Rate). 

Do your homework and jot down relevant keywords. Making use of these keywords in your video titles and tags will enable you to market your brand or business in the best way possible. SEO-friendly video content is an indispensable part of any marketing strategy. 

To Summarize 

Businesses may find fluctuating video marketing trends intimidating. However, accoutered with the knowledge of the above-mentioned trends, they can easily have an advantage over their competitors. This new year, revamp your marketing model and leverage the latest video marketing trends of 2022. 

While some trends may fade out and new ones may take their place, the basics will remain the same. A little brush-up will help you redefine your marketing strategy in 2022 and beyond. With these well-researched and sought-after after trends, you are sure to gain desired results.

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