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The article highlights the essential qualifications and qualities of the Write for Us + Blockchain Guest Post writers to share their work with the website.

Have you witnessed that we live in a world where we are waking up to new technological developments every day? Nowadays, most technological advancements are focused on blockchain technologies. So, our platform has decided to cover that by publishing a Write for Us + Blockchain Guest Post article. And we are expecting highly professional writers to present the articles for our esteemed platform.

Introduction to our platformreadtrustedreviews.com”

Our websitereadtrustedreviews.com” is one of the leading legit websites on the internet, which guarantees highly upgraded content for our valuable readers. In this way, we can create an enlightened community of Blockchain + Write for Us readers. We are leading our progress by maintaining the golden rule of satisfying the real needs of our audience because their taste and expectations increase daily as the world revolves around them, and they want to upgrade themselves, which we are helping them do by teaching them many new things.

Our highly upgraded topics are

  • Money
  • Health Care
  • Latest News
  • Travelling Tips
  • Shopping Tips
  • Business
  • Reviews of the latest Websites and Products
  • Blockchain technology

Write for Us + Blockchain authors Preferred qualities and qualifications

Blockchain technology is one of the wisest and greatest inventions of the human race. Mankind has witnessed all of the evolutions, and this technology has the potential to change our future world. Its applications and products, such as cryptocurrency and big data, are constantly making headlines.

Thus, “Write for Us” + Blockchain guest post contributors should present topics more practically. If someone is going to invest in a cryptocurrency, they should have a basic understanding of how it works. It helps them increase their investments and makes them more vigilant about the process. If we discuss its conventional and foundational areas through “Write for Us” + “Blockchain” articles it will be useful for all our diverse readers. 

The guest post writers should keep this in mind while selecting their topics. 

The ability to present the article in a more understandable way is a very important quality for us. 

A person with experience in the field of blockchains can take this opportunity.

Write for Us Blockchain articles Sample Topics 

We request that the writers refrain from choosing more advanced and complex topics; it will be difficult to cover all of the information within our word limit, and the article will not be highly understandable; thus, please note these topics.

  • Understanding the fundamentals of blockchain technology and its working
  • What you should know about blockchain before investing in cryptocurrencies?
  • Usage of BC in the health care sector.

Blockchain Write for Us articles Guidelines and Rules

  • The article’s word limit should be at most 2000 words; to optimise the article’s length, the guest post writers can also use the snippets method to present the article.
  • Grammar and spelling mistakes must be avoided. Passive voice sentences shouldn’t be used more than 10%. 
  • We advise the Write for Us+ Blockchain authors to use the Grammarly premium application to check their grammatical errors and attain a score of 98 or above.
  • The article should be fully enriched with authentic content; please don’t assume or repeat the contents of the article.
  • The article should be backed up with appropriate flow charts and simple diagrams. This way, we can easily deliver our information, and the readers can also understand it clearly.

“Write for Us” + Blockchain articles SEO guidelines 

  • Authors can also take the LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords from Google search which will help them attain a good SEO score.
  • The guest post contributors must maintain keyword density; for example, they can use the keyword every 100 to 120 words.
  • Internal and external links are required in the article.

Blockchain + “Write for Us” writers Benefits 

All the published articles will be released under the respective authors’ names; our platform won’t take credit for those articles. We are just a publishing team, so the writers will naturally receive all of the attention, and as more people learn about the author, they may even offer them future writing projects.

Blockchain “Write for Us” articles Submitting rules 

The guest post contributors should submit their works to this Email Address [[email protected]], they should send the articles via their active email id. Because all our announcements and conversations will be made through that mail ID 


Our platform is the best to exhibit one skill, and we will also share suggestions and tips to improve the Write for Us + Blockchain Guest Post writer’s skills. We are a team that keeps sending selection updates or suggestions to authors, and we are expecting good and original Blockchain work from the author’s side.

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